Birth and Life

Daniel Defoe


Date of birth 1660
Country of birth England


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Date of death 24. 4. 1731
Cemetery Bunhill Fields Burial Ground, London, England
GPS coordinates of the cemetery 51.523887, -0.088301

Approximate GPS coordinates of the grave are 51.523694, -0.088367. It is close to the small office in the middle of the cemetery.

Summary from Wikipedia

It was in use as a burial ground from 1665 until 1854, by which date approximately 123,000 interments were estimated to have taken place. Over 2,000 monuments remain.[2] It was nondenominational, and in practice was particularly favoured by nonconformists. It contains the graves of many notable people, including John Bunyan (died 1688), author of The Pilgrim's Progress; Daniel Defoe (died 1731), author of Robinson Crusoe; William Blake (died 1827), artist, poet, and mystic; Susanna Wesley (died 1742), known as the "Mother of Methodism" through her education of sons John and Charles; Th ...

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Images of the grave

Location of the cemetery

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