Birth and Life

Czesław Miłosz


Date of birth 30. 6. 1911
Country of birth Lithuania


Work, awards, recognitions, ...
Nobel Prize in Literature 1980


Date of death 14. 8. 2004
Cemetery crypt of distinguished Poles, Church on the Rock (Skałka), Krakow, Poland
GPS coordinates of the cemetery 50.048231, 19.937598

Summary from Wikipedia

Miłosz survived the German occupation of Warsaw during World War II and became a cultural attaché for the Polish government during the post-war period. When communist authorities threatened his safety, he defected to France and ultimately chose exile in the United States, where he became a professor at the University of California at Berkeley. His poetry—particularly about his wartime experience—and his appraisal of Stalinism in a prose book, The Captive Mind, brought him renown as a leading émigré artist and intellectual.

Author of contribution: Janez, published 18. 9. 2017

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