Birth and Life

Clement II


Date of birth 1000
Country of birth Germany


Even the year of his birth is not known.


Date of death 9. 10. 1047
Cemetery Cathedral of Bamberg, Bamberg, Germany
GPS coordinates of the cemetery 49.89083, 10.8825

western choir

the western choir is not accessible, so I had to take pictures from a distance

Summary from Wikipedia

Suidger was the Bishop of Bamberg. In 1046, he accompanied Henry, King of Germany, when at the request of laity and clergy of Rome, Henry went to Italy and summoned the Council of Sutri, which deposed Popes Benedict IX and Sylvester III, and accepted the resignation of Gregory VI. Henry suggested Suidger for Pope, and he was then elected, taking the name of Clement II. Clement then proceeded with the coronation of Henry as Holy Roman Emperor.

Author of contribution: Janez, published 6. 3. 2018

Images of the grave

Location of the cemetery

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