Birth and Life

Bolesław II the Generous


Date of birth 1041
Country of birth Poland



Date of death 4. 1081
Cemetery Abbey at the Ossiach lake, Carinthia, Austria
GPS coordinates of the cemetery 46.677003, 13.982974

The legend says that he went to the pope in Rome to have his sins (killing bishop Stanisław and other) forgiven. On his way back he stopped at the Ossiach abbey, presented himself as a mute and stayed there as the lowest servant. Only on his deathbed he told them who he was. Slovenian poet Anton Aškerc wrote a wonderful ballad about Boleslav's story, the title is Mutec osojski.

Summary from Wikipedia

Bolesław II is considered to have been one of the most capable of the Piast rulers. In 1075 he re-established the Archdiocese of Gniezno (consecrated in 1064) and founded the Diocese of Płock. He established Benedictine monasteries in Mogilno, Lubin and Wrocław. Bolesław II was also the first Polish monarch to produce his own coinage in quantity great enough to replace the foreign coins prevalent in the country during the reigns of the first Piast kings. He established royal mints in Kraków and Wrocław and reformed the coinage, which brought considerable revenue into the royal coffers. A ...

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