Birth and Life

Maurice Chevalier

actor, singer

Date of birth 12. 9. 1888
Country of birth France



Date of death 1. 1. 1972
Cemetery Cemetery of Marnes-la-Coquette, Hauts-de-Seine, outside Paris, France
GPS coordinates of the cemetery 48.827292, 2.176338

Summary from Wikipedia

Chevalier was born in Paris. He made his name as a star of musical comedy, appearing in public as a singer and dancer at an early age before working in menial jobs as a teenager. In 1909, he became the partner of the biggest female star in France at the time, Fréhel. Although their relationship was brief, she secured him his first major engagement, as a mimic and a singer in l'Alcazar in Marseille, for which he received critical acclaim by French theatre critics. In 1917, he discovered jazz and ragtime and went to London, where he found new success at the Palace Theatre.

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