Birth and Life

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres


Date of birth 29. 8. 1780
Country of birth France



Date of death 14. 1. 1867
Cemetery Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France
GPS coordinates of the cemetery 48.861636, 2.393178

Division 23

Summary from Wikipedia

Born into a modest family in Montauban, he travelled to Paris to study in the studio of David. In 1802 he made his Salon debut, and won the Prix de Rome for his painting The Ambassadors of Agamemnon in the tent of Achilles. By the time he departed in 1806 for his residency in Rome, his style—revealing his close study of Italian and Flemish Renaissance masters—was fully developed, and would change little for the rest of his life. While working in Rome and subsequently Florence from 1806 to 1824, he regularly sent paintings to the Paris Salon, where they were faulted by critics who found his ...

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