Birth and Life

Napoleon Bonaparte


Date of birth 15. 8. 1769
Country of birth France



Date of death 5. 5. 1821
Cemetery Hôtel National des Invalides, Paris, France
GPS coordinates of the cemetery 48.855021, 2.312417

Summary from Wikipedia

He was born Napoleone di Buonaparte (Italian: [napoleˈoːne di ˌbwɔnaˈparte]) in Corsica to a relatively modest Italian family from minor nobility. He was serving as an artillery officer in the French army when the French Revolution erupted in 1789. He rapidly rose through the ranks of the military, seizing the new opportunities presented by the Revolution and becoming a general at age 24. The French Directory eventually gave him command of the Army of Italy after he suppressed the 13 Vendémiaire revolt against the government from royalist insurgents. At age 26, he began his first mi ...

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